Alex is a smart assistant that efficiently and promptly handles your day to day scheduling needs

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Who is Alex?

Alex is a sophisticated blend of Human and artificial intelligence.This combination ensures quality, accuracy and human like communication!

Imagine a really smart assistant who never makes errors, that you can completely offload all aspects of your calendar management to - we have created Alex to meet that need

Why use Alex? Increase your Productivity!

  • Save 5-10 hours per user per week!

    Completely offload any calendaring activity, giving you back hours of your time every week. Do you really want to spend your precious time on emailing back and forth and creating calendar invites?

  • Increase conversion by 40%!

    Follow up has never been easier - you can offload that to Alex! Alex will follow up on your behalf to get the meeting on your calendar! And keep you posted about any outstanding meetings.

  • Get your meetings 5x faster on your calendar!

    Alex replies within an hour to any emails.

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  • You can start using Alex in literally minutes. Onboarding your team is just as easy.

  • We integrate with your CRM and Applicant Tracking Systems.