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$29.22 $14.61/mo*
HP Cloud Compute


1 Virtual Core

30 GB Disk

*Based on a 50% discount off our standard $.04 rate across a typical month's Usage


$58.44 $29.22/mo*
HP Cloud Compute


2 Virtual Core

60 GB Disk

*Based on a 50% discount off our standard $.04 rate across a typical month's Usage


$116.88 $58.44 /mo*
HP Cloud Compute


2 Virtual Core

120 GB Disk

*Based on a 50% discount off our standard $.04 rate across a typical month's Usage

HP Cloud Object Storage

For a limited time, add industry-leading object storage for your online files and media for as little $.05 per GB per month!

"HP Cloud Services' team is supporting us with technical customer service that is above and beyond what we expected, based on other cloud providers." Dan Merritts, CEO – F# Board member – DOTB (Dating Outside the Box)

Unleash Your Creativity in the Cloud

Freedom to choose. Experiment. Grow . From a variety of languages to third-party services, you choose how you develop in the cloud. Our new public cloud is developer friendly and backed by exceptional customer support. That's the advantage of HP. Focus on your business, and let HP Cloud Services handle your infrastructure and platform needs.

HP Cloud Services

  • Allows you to deploy compute instances (virtual machines) on demand. It lets you customize your instances to handle your changing workloads and add new instances to quickly scale.

  • Provides you with online storage capacity on demand. Object Storage is ideal for archiving and back up, serving static content for web applications, and storage of large public or private data sets, such as online files and media.

  • Deliver static data from HP Cloud Object Storage to users around the world in a flsh. We cache your data and distribute it across HP and Akamai global networks for low latency and super fast transfer

  • Store data from your HP Cloud Compute instances for as long as you need it. Durable, high-performance storage volumes that persist until you delete them let you control how long you keep your data.

  • HP Cloud Relational Database for MySQL is a managed, web-based service that provides you with on-demand access to your application data stored in a relation-based structure.

  • Provides a single method for you to seamlessly manage your user identities and authenticate access to resources across all HP Cloud Services